Thursday, October 22, 2020

[Early Access] Exalted Art Challenge - Collection 3 - Fave God, First Age Incarnation, etc.

The 3rd compilation of sketches for my Exalted Art Challenge arrives early for my Patreon Patrons! Exploring concepts for the God of Gambling, First Age heroes, and more. Here are some of my favorite picks, with alternate sketches and creative notes at the post.

PLUS enjoy a bonus sketch of the Plentimon of Dice's poker face.  I had a good giggle imagining what he'd look like while playing a game.  His innocuous inky form would make it very hard to read his tells!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

[Early Access] Exalted Art Challenge - Collection 2 - Fave Spell, Fave House, etc.


The 2nd collection of Early Access sketches for my Exalted Art Challenge is up a month in advance for Patrons! This collection explores the spell "Death of Obsidian Butterflies", the hedonistic nobles of House Cynis, and the Silver Lady herself, Luna, goddess of the moon.

More sketches and discussion at the post! It is available to Patrons at any level.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Exalted Art Challenge - 3 - Favorite Charm

The Righteous Devil form isn't merely a martial art, but a spiritual reckoning.  When you draw on this art, you're pulling from that turmoil deep down, from all the sins you've ever committed, and all the sinners you've ever reckoned with.  All that roiling guilt and anger and painful understanding refined and channeled into the flame of your soul, of your weapons.  

It took me years to even begin to master it...and it almost destroyed me.  Only one who can understand their own sins can channel what it means to be not only a Devil, but a Righteous one.

- Memoirs of Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified, RY 800.

I was stumped a long time on this topic because there were just too many fun options to choose from!  I explored a few of them in the sneak peek compilation I posted in the previous post.

Funny enough, Kalara only mastered 3 of the Charms (or magical abilities) pictured here, not including the one I chose for the final piece.  I always intended for her to master the Righteous Devil style, if only because the later levels of this celestial martial art allowed for such epic imagery as wings of flame and the judgement of souls.  Judgement, revenge, and redemption as themes play a big part in her arc as a character, which makes the style so fitting for her!

The final piece ended up being a bit of wish fulfillment for mastering the charm Garda Flies on Gilded Wings Attack, which is a Charm from the Righteous Devil path.  Perhaps one day it will happen in her story?  We shall see!

Painted in Procreate.

The prompt list.  Join in by using the hashtag #ExaltedArtChallenge on social media!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

[Early Access] Exalted Art Challenge - Collection 1 - Fave Caste, Regional Fashion, etc.

I’ve posted the first compilation of concept sketches and creative notes for the Exalted Art Challenge for my Patreon Patrons, if anyone’s curious to check out some Behind the Scenes exploration a month ahead of everyone else.

Talking Gem city fashion, personalizing Caste marks, and more in this entry!

Find the collection here:

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Exalted Art Challenge - 2 - Regional Fashion

I wonder sometimes if I would even recognize myself back then. I still remember the soft light of Gem's crystals and the teeming underground marketplace that never slept. As a slave of Iblan, I was dressed in attire to represent the household of my master, an aging master goldsmith. 

I owned no finery of my own, not even the bangles I wore which served as an example of Iblan craftmanship for all to see and admire, for even their slaves must convey everything about their stature as Gem's famed goldsmiths. Instead of gems sewn into my shawl as any fine lady of Gem might own, mine was painted and embroidered to mimic gems. I was a pale imitation of what a noble Iblan lady might be.

- Memoirs of Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified, RY 800.

Here we are on Day 6 and I've only gotten through 2 topics!  It seems like this one's going to be more of a 'when I'm done' instead of a daily thing, but that's quite alright because I had a lot of fun with this!

Stay tuned to my Patreon later this week for an exclusive Patreon Early Access peek at all the sketches I did for this particular piece and a little more behind the creative process.

Painted in Procreate.

The prompt list.  Join in by using the hashtag #ExaltedArtChallenge!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Exalted Art Challenge - Topic 1 - Favorite Caste

The Solar Exalted are chosen for a caste by the Unconquered Sun based on our propensities for violence, for diplomacy, or for many other specialties. Sol sees our potential and blows on the embers of our ambition, no matter our station in life, no matter if we are good or evil, as long as we can bring about the change that this world in chaos needs. We are marked with a symbol that shines upon our foreheads, a beacon of purpose and power for all of Creation to recognize, if not respect.

- Memoirs of Kalara Vadras, The Uncrucified, RY 800.

My Favorite Caste is the Eclipse Caste. They are the voices of reason, the keen wit, and the clever bargainers. They are the ones who keep the four arms and virtues of the Unconquered Sun in balance, just as they do for their Circle of allies. They are also the Kingpins, the ones who can play the 'game' that others aren't suited for. Where violence's effectiveness ends, the power to persuade hearts and minds begins. In all these facets, the Eclipse shines.

I designed this marque to represent Kalara Vadras, my Exalted character born in the deep desert mining city of Gem. The Fire of her region ripples throughout her cartouche, balanced by the silver associated with her Caste. Tail feathers of the phoenix adorn the center, a symbol of renewal for this character who began life anew as a Solar Exalted. She spent much of her mortal life in slavery toiling against a great machine of oppression. Reborn to the Eclipse Caste, Kalara uses her divine writ to push the tapestry of progress and mercantilism to create a better world purged with fire and sanctified with new bonds of trade.

The prompt list.  Use the hashtag #ExaltedArtChallenge if you're joining in!

If you fancy a look at my preliminary sketches and creative notes for my Challenge pieces, consider pitching into my Patreon, where I'll be posting a compilation of sketches and notes each week as exclusive Early Access posts!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Introducing My October Exalted Art Challenge!

Cross-posted from my Patreon blog

The time is neigh, my October Art Challenge approaches!  So far, this year has been about allowing myself to rest and recuperate while also letting my muse off the chain to wander different paths for awhile.  The next excursion is going to be with the Exalted Art Challenge that I created with the Exalted RPG Discord community!

For those who don't know Exalted, it's a tabletop roleplaying game much like Dungeons & Dragons where you get to become a character with epic-level powers!  It features a world full of mystical places, vengeful gods, and faerie creatures with a rich tapestry of lore to explore.  Its roots in non-Western mythology have made it one of my favorite worlds to play in on my days off!

I've even drawn illustrations and written many words for a story set in this universe entitled The Uncrucified.  I've been sorely missing the characters from this story and wanted to get back into the mood of creating in this universe by challenging myself to a list of 31 art topics inspired by this fantastic setting!  I expect many characters from my storyworld to show up for this art challenge.

I know many of these topics don't make sense to non-players, but I hope to introduce you to them with a bit of explanation and art to go along with each one!  In fact, enjoy a little sneak peek of thumbnail sketches for a few of the topics for a taste:


Patreon-Only Sneak Peeks!

Because my Patrons are the coolest, I wanted you guys to feel special during this event!  You'll be getting Patreon-Exclusive Early Access to my collection of exploratory sketches with my thoughts and notes on the topics each week , while the finished paintings and prose will be shared at The Uncrucified's project blog.  A compilation of the finished art will be posted here on Patreon once I've completed all topics! 

For those keeping up on my Patreon Discord Server, I'll be sharing the sketches as they happen in my Ang's Sketchbook channel as well!  (Read here for instructions on how to join my Discord Server dedicated to my Patrons and fans)

The Goal

I'm hoping by doing this event I can create more art in the TTRPG vein which is work I'd like to do more of in the future to channel my long-time passion for gaming!  I also plan to experiment with an expressive painterly digital style, since I have been so married to detailed tight line work for a long time now!  

With luck, I can finish all the topics in a month, though I won't be too hard on myself if I can't finish one a day.  The big goal is to remember how to play with art again and enjoy the process more than perfectionism!


I hope you all are ready for the ride!  I'm excited to see what happens during this hugely experimental time.  Are there any Exalted players here?  Sound off in the comments!  If you're an artist who loves the game, I invite you to do this challenge with me and share in my Patreon Discord in the dedicated Art Challenges channel!  I'd love to see what you all might do for this list!

More soon.  I can't wait to begin!

♥ Ang